Thursday, June 5, 2014


1. This is not like other plans.

Some of the "rules" are critical and some are just general. That is why you need to read and re-read the book. Doing the plan "half way" doesn't usually work, either. Sorry, but you may even gain weight doing that.

2. Know your weight will fluctuate throughout the day, throughout the week and throughout the month!

3.  If you like to weigh in daily or weekly, weigh AS SOON AS YOU get up in the morning. For me anyway, that is when I am the lightest and I get the most consistent reading. I like to "weigh in" a lot, it makes me smile. Some people just throw away the scale and trust the plan. Some will obsess on the numbers so they only weigh once a month.  Do what works for you.

4. The Twogrand app is pretty fun! It is like instagram for food and exercise!

5. Ask questions (the admins/mods on the FB group page are awesome!).  Please, don't just get frustrated and quit. You can also do a search in the files or the feed on the main THM page! There's tons and tons of FAQ type stuff there. If you are asking a question, it is likely with 40,000+ on this plan the question has already been asked and answered in the feed or files. Or on the THM website.

6. Vow to be positive, committed and NOT obsessive.

7. Realize you may have to shift your priorities.  Your health is important. You are important.

8. Don't believe everything you read or hear.

9. Be careful about creating "hang ups"..... like....."Well, I just can't live without "a" or "b"!" or "I don't think it is healthy to "x" or "y"!" OR "But I LOVE "a" or "b".  Stop and ask if that statement is really, REALLY true. Challenge your own thinking and self talk.

10. Sleep.  You need sleep.  I love sleep.

Get some sleep.

My 14 year old is a pro at napping!

Yes, that is colby jack cheese. 

My husband cannot resist messing with him while he naps.

Yes, this one is at church in the back row on a Sunday night.
Sometimes he just cannot control his need for sleep.
(It's not easy being 14 and 6 foot 1)

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