Tuesday, June 10, 2014

finding your goal weight?!?! HINT: It's not a number.

Goal weight.  Funny idea really.  My goal weight has continually changed. In a healthy way.  At first I set a goal that was only about 10-20 lbs from where I started. Whew it felt good to get there!!! REALLY good!

Then I just watched.  My weight just continued to go down on THM and I just watched! I was too surprised to see it working so well to really worry about it.
After 30-35 pounds gone the weight loss has slowed. And I am fine with that.  While I do want to lose more yet, I am fine with my body taking a break or taking it's time.  And I really don't know for sure what is a healthy weight to look toward.

I read this great blog post on finding a healthy goal weight. BUT the calculator it seems to set the goal weight lower than I have weighed in my whole life!! lol! If I was at the suggested weight I figured from the calculator I worry I would be too thin.  Part of me wonders what it would feel like to be that thin.  I will admit there is a vain part of me that would like to try and get there. And with THM I think it might even be possible! (I can't even believe it but it is true!)

(I am planning to do a side by side before/after picture, but just haven't gotten around to it! I will soon, I promise!)

I want a healthy goal weight.  And I am not really even desperate to get there.  (The only incentive really is that it would be fun to get back in my wedding dress on our 20th anniversary in November.  But not sure my chest would fit in it anyway! lol!)

What I am learning through this "goal weight" idea is how different we all are and even if everyone were the same weight that would look SOOOO different on all of us! We are all created special, we are all created to be different sizes.  We are are loved at any size.  We are all meant to do more than obsess about our weight!

We ARE meant to glorify God. I want my body to "just not" get in the way of that goal.  So I will continue with this eating plan as it helps me reach THAT goal. It sounds overly spiritual, but glorifying Him with my weight is something unrelated to a number. It is honoring Him in my food choices and how I take care of the body He has given me. He tells us not to be gluttons. The goal is to have a healthy body that is best able to follow the plan He has for my life and wherever He takes me.
I gotta be prepared for the big stuff! 
I like to dream big! 
And I want my body to be ready! 


Nancy S said...

Amen and Amen Beth! It is NOT a number on a scale but being pleasing to God and satisfied with the body weoght He designed each of us to have. Thank you for this reminder... can't wait to see your pics soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! That is the perfect goal "weight" to have. My goal "weight" is be free from the burden of poor health. God has gotten me there through THM. I still have some extra pounds to lose on the scale, but I'm in no hurry because I am too busy enjoying life again.

See the Blue Sky said...

Never be a slave to a number and there are many ways out there to get your percentage of body fat.... that calculator is all just a guide for those of us who need that concrete number ;)
Enjoy food and be healthy. God didn't make us to be controlled by a number and you have a great perspective on this!