Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A "Drive Thru Sue's" advice on THM - 10 Tips!

I am preaching to myself here y'all: 

1. Don't believe the lie that cooking/making something is going to take SOOO long! Tons of the recipes in the book are super easy and fast! As well as on pinterest.  The sweets on THM seem to really be simple, quick recipes because so many are not things that need to bake!

2. On that same note, resist the urge to skip making a side of veggies.  Your body will thank you. You need those healthy carbs!

3. Prep for breakfast. If you prepare ahead for nothing else, prepare ahead for breakfast. Muffins, overnight oatmeal, or if you do smoothies go ahead and mix the dry/wet ingredients before hand.

4. One thing my husband has been doing is grilling up huge amounts of meats on the grill and throwing it in zip locks in the fridge.  This makes me want to kiss him!!! I have two teen boys.  They eat a lot of meat. And I can take a lean or a fatty meat and make it "my way" for any meal!

6. Don't get too dependent on the pitas and low carb tortillas.  I am experimenting to see if that is why I am slowing down. I found out from an admin on FB that it is recommended to only have one a day.  I was often doing two.  I am surprised how I THINK I need them.  Instead now I just pile up what I would put inside the pita or tortilla on a plate and eat it!

7. I freestyle.  Always. But I do try to watch the scale and see how I am doing and if needed I change up whatever has been my pattern.

8. I am a creature of habit. Plus, I am sometimes the only one eating certain things I have cooked which often leads to me eating the same thing over and over.  This can lead to boredom or stalls.  Be careful it doesn't throw you off track or "off the wagon".

9. Ipad and pinterest.  All my recipes are on my ipad and pinterest.  So quick and easy to grab and cook something. Don't give yourself permission to cheat just because you are in a hurry, tired, super hungry, or it's getting late. Just grab a recipe and go! My 14 yr old will wander around the kitchen looking for something "instant" to eat for the same amount of time it would have taken him to just fix something or ASK me to fix something! Just sayin'.  We are all guilty of this!

10. Don't FEAR the drive thru, but don't overuse it either.  Sure there are ways to make any fast food place work for THM but they are not often all that good for your body and it will show. Even when you think you are "on plan" at a restaurant you really don't always know what is in your food.

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myhollyhome said...

Great tips! Some I knew and needed a reminder and some are such needed helpful hints! I got into a rut using pitas, flats and such as my go to meal starter and could see it on the scale. I now stick to one every other day or so. Since changing that one thing I feel better! Love this journey of THM we are on!!