Friday, June 13, 2014

Discouraged THM mama?

I have kind of stalled.  I am losing maybe a pound a month the past two months. I am at a great weight, but would like to lose more to get to "dream" weight.  BUT....

I am a glass half-full person to the core. *smile*

So here are my thoughts to encourage the discouraged:

1. Ummm. At least you are not gaining. It is a reality, we are often either gaining or losing! Take a look on a continuum even a visual chart.... see that you are not gaining.  If you are like me if you are not gaining, that is a victory! A chart might even show you that you are fluctuating but actually losing, just slower than you before.

2. You have found freedom. If you are not feeling more free on this plan, then talk to an admin on FB and figure out why. When done right there is amazing freedom in this plan.

3. Scales are only one measure of your success! Take your measurements. How are your clothes fitting? Look for those NSVs (non-scale victories) and celebrate them! Share them! Post it to the main page!

4. Follow the THM facebook page feed and look for ways you could tweak the way you are eating.  I.E. The other day someone mentioned just cutting back on the cheese in her S meals got her losing again. Another idea, I am trying to add more E meals and FP snacks.  I am also trying to change up which style I eat a which meal.

5. Reality.  My 43 yr. old body is not going to look the same at a certain weight as I did younger at the same weight. Seriously? Why do we put that kind of expectation on ourselves? But we do sometimes.

For those glass half EMPTY people:

AND if these thoughts don't encourage you..... rock out to some positive tunes about the power of the Holy Spirit in you!!!

I love this song and video:

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