Thursday, January 10, 2013

The last four days were kind of a blur.

 We still ate a lot more fries. 
And the hotel had these gigantic donuts. (Half price after 7 p.m.)
And they had an ice cream shop.
That shop is the reason I didn't lose weight 
despite walking what seemed like 100 miles on this trip. 
It was worth it. I think. Maybe.
 Univers*l Studios here we come!
 While Russ recuperated in the hotel room, the three of us headed straight for more roller coasters. 
 This was Daniels hair after the ride.
 I can't believe I rode this! I had a headache that day.
The coaster made it worse. 
 Not gonna lie, my eyes were closed for the first part.
You get to pick your own music for the ride. 
I picked Evenescence.
I don't even remember hearing it. 
There was screaming. 

 This ride started off fun.
But then my head slipped off the head rest, and nearly snapped right off.
I was too scared to enjoy it after that. 
I think I would have liked it.
The tropical climate was heaven to me. 

Steamy and hot at times.
 The greenery and flowers and trees were so beautiful!
 Sooo glad to have my Rusty with us for the last few days there!

(If you are noticing that Russ always sits by Daniel and Jedd by me.....

they refuse to sit by each other.

That might be for the best.
 Univers*al Studios is just as nice and beautiful and as Disney.
 It's smaller, so there is less to do, but it is sooo nice to be so close to everything!
 Just this lush garden between our hotel and the parks.
I loved it! 

 What does 4D mean?

It means your seat moves with the movie and you get sprayed with stuff.

Not exactly my kind of date but since the boys were tired one afternoon Daniel and I went out on some rides just the two of us! 

I didn't make it back to the other park with my camera.  
At univers*al you have to put your bag in a locker for a lot of the fun rides, so I didn't take it to that park the day we were there.

There was so much I would have loved to show you!

TheSeuss Landing area was sooooooooooo neat!!! 

Here is someones video of it off of youtube: 

 Our last day there we headed to the ocean, so we could show it to Rusty!

 Daniel rented a board.
 He discovered it is much harder than it looks.
 But he managed to coast a little on some waves.

That's it y'all.  

Well, there are more photos. 

But these are my top picks to share!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Leave me a facebook comment if you did! 

Not sure if anyone is even reading these!

But at least I can use it as a journal of sorts!

Off to our next adventure!

Our lives our never boring!

That much I can tell you!

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