Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DAY 8 has finally arrived!!!! Crank up the band. (They're wiped!)


Look closely.

 Here they come!
 Black and Gold!
 There's my Russ.
 Would you believe, they were so tired that they...
 climbed up and
 ...some went to sleep! Poor things.
Time for the game!
 South Carolina Gamecocks! (I know!)
 And Michigan - ummm... Wolverines? (their chants were just "go blue!")
 Love the patriotism!
 Love the fly-over!
 And these dudes!
Skip to HALF TIME!

Here they go!
 20+ HS bands, 2,000+ on the field!

There he is!!!

Second yellow guy with the one brass tuba!

 More photos and video will be posted on facebook!

Remind me next time I'd look thinner without the big phone in the the pocket. *smile* 
I would also look thinner if I didn't stand next to that bean pole boy! *smile*

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