Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 7 - Outback Bowl Parade!

Since the parade was not until late in the day, we opted to head back to Clearwater and go to an aquarium and the beach again (since it was a nicer day!). 

The aquarium was a bit of a let down for us.  We were thinking large tanks full of neat saltwater exotic looking fish.... nope.  This was the home of a few turtles and a few dolphins.  ONE of which is slightly famous.  The one from Dolphin Tale the movie. 

This is her (or him), with a damaged tale and the dolphin's prosthetic. 
Which actually, the dolphin swims fine without it but needs it to keep all her muscles toned correctly - or something like that. 

On to the beach. 

 These little guys are all over Florida. They are cute and they are fast.

They kept these two busy on many occasions.

I know you wanted another "bird on the beach photo" to relax with:

 Then there's the not so relaxing crab.
 Daniel and Jedd were thrilled to have found him.

OKAY! It's time to jump in the rental car and find Ybor City with our handy dandy gps on our iphones.  
It took all three of us looking at our phones to get us there too.  
Not gonna lie, I got mad at Daniel for looking at his while driving. 

Don't trust Siri.  SHE LOVES to tell you  to do U-turns ALL THE TIME!!!

We got there to this historic district and it was cool!
 Gates we going up.
 Fans were filling the street!

 Dude was making up his own songs.
 Seriously, this looks just like one of the Waverly City guys.  Don't you think?
We got our spot early.  By the start of the parade it was dark and the streets were jammed full of people! 

The energy  of the crowd was exciting and fun!

The fans were chanting back and forth in support of their teams.  
Daniel yelled "Go Cyclones" when their chant was done.

Iowa State WAS actually playing their bowl game at that very time!

NOW for the parade! 

It was dark!

Bummed that it was dark. 

Left me to rely on my flash. 

Had to blind the poor kids as they marched by. 

 THERE'S Rusty! The one brass tuba!
Proud moma moment. 

Felt the urge to yell, "That's my BABY!"to anyone who would listen.

But I didn't.  

More photos will be posted on facebook and maybe a link to a video someone took. 

DAY 8!?!?!?

Oh yeah.


Woot woot!

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