Monday, February 20, 2012

Old photos, 1985, and some really flattering cargo pants.

I am cleaning out my office/scrapbooking room.  I don't scrapbook any more so it is time to redo the room.  I found some old school annuals with a couple photos I wanted to share with you!

This photo was taken in 1984 or 1985.  It was career day at our little Christian school! Yep that is a Polaroid Instamatic in my hands! I loved pictures even then.  I wasn't serious about becoming a photographer, but for career day we had to pic a vocation we might like and dress accordingly.  

 This photo is from 1985 too.  These are four of the most amazing godly women I have ever known.  They were volunteers at the school as the Christian school could not afford a secretary.  They of course had many other roles in my life.

Kay Weddle, my best friends mother.  The woman who re-defined what it mean to keep a clean house, use coupons, work full time, cook amazing meals, and remain faithful to God no matter life's circumstances.
Mrs. Sissy, she was as sweet pie, a true servant of all, and quietly committed to her Lord and Savior.  To this day as she fights a serious disease.  She shows others through her quiet testimony what God can do in a heart that is faithful.

Mrs. Knoll, my mentor, my second mother, my prayer warrior, my friend.  I used to pray and ask God to give me the grasp of the Scriptures that she has always had.  She uses that knowledge to train and teach others incessantly about God's Word and  His love for each and every child.
My mother.  She LOVED taking photos too.  It is a wonder she made it in any of the yearbook photos as she was the one always taking them. 

These women helped make me  the godly woman I am today.  And I love each one of them. 


Linda Knoll said...

Beth--This is so sweet! I've printed a copy for Kay and for Sissy, since they probably won't get to see your blog. The Lord uses you in so many ways, and your precious spirit is a blessing to so many people. Thank you for letting Jesus' love shine through you! You are very dear to me, and I thank God for you! Love and Prayers, Mrs. Linda

Linda Knoll said...

--and yes, those cargo pants are great!