Thursday, February 16, 2012

My day.

Yesterday's post was about pros and cons. Today you get an array of emotions.

I went to the doctor today for various things.

One, was to talk to him about my hamstring injury STILL hurting after 19 months. He said I need to try therapy for a month again, but if that didn't work he would send me to an orthopedist for injections that should clear it up!!! YIPPEE!!!!! There is still hope I may one day run again! JOY!

Two, I wanted to talk to him about my mother's death and the disease that took her life. SAD. There were many tears but got good information from him.

Three, it was time for a tetanus shot.  Barely felt the needle go in, but I was assured that my arm will likely hurt A LOT for the next  FOUR days and may swell and turn red.  Yikes! FEAR!

Fourthly, and probably TMI - warts.  I have seen my boys get warts frozen off numerous times. It didn't seem that bad.  I have had three on the bottom of my foot for several months causing pain when I walk and especially when I work out.  It was time to get them frozen.  WOW! IT HURT! PAIN! For the record I did not cry.  My face turned hot and red! WOW that dry ice is serious stuff! Felt kind of like a hot and cold pencil being shoved into the bottom of my foot. Three times. Yes, it still hurts three hours later. 

Fifth, it is 45 degrees and sunny. The sky is blue and it feels like spring! Ahhhhhh!! PEACE! I love spring in February. I like to think of it as my own Valentine present from God.

I work later today.  And when you work with the public the adventures never end.  Can't wait to see how the rest of the day goes!

Instead of leaving you with a photo of the bottom of my foot..... here are a few shots from game time at youth group last night. Finding green olives in a pile of whipped cream.....

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Love your uplifting!