Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Short hair day.

Cut it. Like it.

 Don' t ask me why I do the "hand on my chin thing" cause I dunno.
 Do I look like my moma in this picture or is it wishful thinking?
Definitely needin's some sun, don't you think?
These are unedited except for one with white balance issues.
I know y'all wanna keep it real.

Later taters!


Renegades said...

What a cute new hairdo!

ShannonK said...

Love, Love, Love your new do. But your beautiful, expressive eyes are best - no matter what length your hair is! :-)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

So cute! And of course you look like you're mama ;)

IncenseAndMyrrh said...

I REALLY really LOVE it Beth! You look great with short hair! ~ Christa Fish

Reba said...

I love the haircut. And yes, you look like your mama.

Lindsay said...

LOVE it - it's so CUTE! Happy short hair ... I wouldn't cut it any other way :)