Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday.

Ahhh... where were we last official Weight Tracker Wednesday?  Well, I had just lost a few pounds partially due to the flu.  How many of you knew that wouldn't last?
Yep, the pound and a half lost from the flu was right back on the next day.  I was probably dehydrated.  So, since then I went up a little due to the need to consume certain favorite foods I need when I am in Arkansas. *wink*
BUT as of today.... that extra pound or so is gone and I am back where we were. And I am happy about it!
Really, I am happy about my new approach.  From the book, Made to Crave that I told you about, I am learning some good stuff.
Here is another good one : "Living in victory tastes sweeter than any unhealthy delicacy."
Also, she talks a lot about how as Christians we are called to live our lives with self control and even self denial.  Ummm.... yea. That can apply to healthy living. Yikes.  I thought as Christians we had figured out pretty well how to make eat whatever we want a freedom we deserve in Christ. *wink*
So, self control.  That is an area that if I learn to use it in my eating it will only help me practice self control in all areas of my life. 
Are you convicted? I am. But in a good way.  I don't feel like it is something I cannot do.  With Christ as the focus I am thrilled to seek His help I DON'T have to do this on my own. He has promised to help.  It's what He does.
I see now that overeating is really just Satan's way of getting me to satisfy my natural desire for a relationship with Christ with food. He would much rather I eat than smile at my Savior as I push aside that extra serving. Clever huh?

My haircut post will be later.  My appointment is later today!

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Renegades said...

I plan on posting this Friday about my weight as I'm back to it to after forgetting about it.