Friday, February 25, 2011

sentimental me.

This one room.(My church sanctuary in Arkansas.)
It holds so many memories.
It should.
I spent 6 days a week in this building for 9 years of my life.
It was built when I was five.
My mother says that while watching the rafters go up I asked her, "Does that man's moma know he's up there?"

It is where I listened to my father preach each Sunday.
It is where I first remember heard the sounds of vocal harmony ( and hear one or two sing from the heart completely off key, just as beautifully as the harmony - *smile* ) from "Baker"....a sweet low alto. But she would switch to soprano when I sat with her.
It is where I performed school plays and Christmas programs.
It is where I learned all the old hymns I now cherish so much.
It is where I first sat by a boy and held hands.
It is where I walked the isle to graduate from high school (a class of 2) AND later walked the same isle to become Mrs. Daniel Paulsen.
It is where I still go for the warmest hugs and feel washed with peace.
It is "home." 
And it is green.
Sooooooo green!


Reba said...

As soon as I saw the picture, even the little thumbnail...I knew where it was. I rarely get over to that part of Arkansas anymore. But if I did, I know I would walk in and just feel home (and that was after only spending two years there).

Cathy said...

Reminds me a little of the church I grew up in.