Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday!?!?

HEY! It's Wednesday! And I am happy to report a loss! Not a full pound.... but .6 to be exact.  I did great on my eating this week. I swam every other day! That is, until I got my injury worked up on Monday going up and down my stairs at home doing laundry and housework.  So I am letting it rest. But I am happy with  the loss no matter how small!
Keeps me smilin'!

Are you smilin'? 

"Smilin' is my favorite"

I know the "daily peeks" haven't been daily! 
But I still hope to post them as often as I can!
 So here is one for today!
These scented lip glosses are so awesome! 
Ma*belline New York!
 I can't live without lip gloss,
not in winter,
not in summer,
 not in spring 
and not in fall!
No matter how much I hate the Iowa wind
blowing my hair into my sticky lip gloss, 
 in the winter
in the spring
in the summer and in fall,
I will still love these.
And I am not telling you my favorite.

I will tell you,
"Crazy for Carmel"
It smells soooo yummy!


Renegades said...

Clapping for your weight loss. Good Job!!!!!!

Smiling is so great and I'm glad you shared your favorite crazy for carmel I'm gonnna have to check it out.

Cathy said...

Yay for .6! Awesome!

Suzann said...

I love lip gloss too! I may have to try one of those! :)