Saturday, January 8, 2011


Finally I am getting time to play with my new lens! Before I was to get started I needed one thing.  A snack. My snack turned into a photo session all it's own:

 Remember this was taken with a lensbaby.... it is supposed to look almost all out of focus. *smile*
 I played a lot with white balance and exposure so the melon looks more yellow here. But I really like the focus.
 I am excited to try teaching myself to take better macro photos.  Clearly I am not "there" but I gotta start somewhere!
 I am REALLY focusing on the fruits and veggies lately.  And this little melon was soooo worth the extra $2 I paid since it is a winter melon.  
 I ate sooo much, but I had to y'all; once the boys find it, this little guy is finished.
I just learned how to do this keyline with rounded corners!
I honestly smacked myself in the forehead 
when I saw how easy this was  
and saw there is a tool for it in photoshop elements 9 that I never even knew was there!!! Major "duh"!!! But sooo glad I know now! I was just trying to figure out a way to do this the other day!!! go figure!


Cathy said...

Oh man! Now I want some watermelon! Yummy! Those are really cool pictures!

Anne said...

Love the border deal. Wonderful. So much fun. someday I will own a cool camera and get to play in your macro games. :-)

Lindsay said...

YUM! I {heart} watermelon!! especially Hermiston ones

GREAT pics!!