Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily peek

What a crazy day at work! Yall don't even want to know some of what happens at the library! There were also fun things! An awesome donation to the Local and Family History department came in! All 15gb!! AND I met someone doing a documentary for PBS that may use photos from our Waverly Historic Photo Collection! That rocks.
The day TOTALLY flew by! Whew! There used to be slow days when I first started five years ago at the library. Not anymore. There are slow moments but no more slow days! But that is job security and tax dollars at work!
The hubs and Russ and I went out to eat! AND I stayed within my points/calorie range! AND was very satisfied! yeah me.
So here is your daily peek. 
I think, even though there are lots of things I could do in the next couple hours... I am gonna pick to do this (I can't wait to check out the lists of workout music suggestions in the January Fitness mag!) Just wish there was a way to take the ipod in the pool with me!

So my ipod, my mags and I are headed for a comfy spot in the house. Preferable a quiet comfy, place, but I will settle for comfy if it is next to a space heater.
okay, so am still obsessed with adding textures check out these that I downloaded today!

I like. Do you?


Reba said...

We went out to eat too. I didn't do as well with the points/calories. I guess I could have done worse though. :) I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Renegades said...

I had to get back on my diet too as I've let some pounds creep back on amazingly fast.

So I'll be doing weigh in posts too.

My favorite texture is the bottom one.

I learn more about editing this year.

jenni said...

Ooooh I really like the overlays!! Where did you get them?