Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight tracker Wednesday! It's funny!

It is kinda funny.


Not in the LOL (laugh out loud) kind of way, but yet funny.

I ran and ran and ran this week. 19 or 20 miles I have gone this week. BUT it is funny how wishing and even wanting to lose weight does count! ha ha! You have to actually TRY! And this week frankly I didn't even try! I ate! Running makes you hungry and I ate. Now I didn't HAVE to eat that much! And I didn't have to choose such calorie ridden choices... but I did

and so -- ha ha--- I didn't lose.

So today, as I pull out those spring/summer clothes...... I am going wish I had TRIED THIS WEEK! So I am going to actually TRY to lose!
Kinda silly to burn all those calories and then consume the same amount just out of my love for chocolate twizzlers and pizza! But I really didn't care! I was just enjoying the running and the carbs to be honest! *smile* The math says it all!

So the silliness stops. I think I might even do my "counting" of points this week! That is the only way I know to guarantee I will lose at least something! *smile* I don't want to say all this an continue to embarrass myself with lousy "Weight Tracker Wednesday" results!

So here we go folks! For a week I will refuse silly eating!

Let's run!!!!!


Reba said...

The only way I know I didn't truly gain this week is because we are on spring break, and I use the scale at school. :) Unfortunately I hurt my foot last Friday so there has been no exercise for me. And I stopped counting points (not on purpose, just because life has been busy). But it is the only way that works for me too. I am with you on the carbs. I love them. :)

Anne said...

Good luck! Mind over mouth... :-)

If I need to watch what I am eating I have to make sure there are ONLY good options for snacks at my house...and I have to commit to not eating anything outside my house. No drive thru's, no gabbing 'twizzlers' at the gas station... etc.

I hope you get a little snow free sunshine to inspire you to those summer clothes too.

Cathy said...

Man, I need to do that too. I just keep putting it off. Hope you have a great week.