Sunday, March 21, 2010

now I get it....but not really....

Okay so Friday night we went as a family to the local college gym to check it out and see if we would want to get a membership or at least have a fun night playing as a family. We wanted to introduce the boys to racquetball too.
Well, I was thrilled to go in the racquetball court. I had so much fun in racquetball class in college. But oh if Greg and Dave (the only other students in my class - they were serious athletes stuck in a class with the O So Uncoordinated ME! but we had so much fun) - if they could see me now!
They would be a bit disappointed in how much I couldn't remember about how to even play! and how I was even worse at this game than I was 16 or 17 years ago.
BUT the boys had fun! Jedd is begging to go back! Now! And we all had fun. Jedd fearlessly tackled the climbing wall not once but twice. Determined to hit the top! My little adventurer.... loves survivorman.
I went in the workout area to try out their treadmills and equipment. I was a bit lost but tried to act like I knew what I was doing!
Noticed these three buttons across the front. One for 2.0 mph- labeled "walk", 4.0 mph that was labeled - jog, then the 6.0 mph that was labeled "run".
It hit me! All this time I thought I was running I was actually jogging! And I have long legs so we can't even try to say it isn't so.
So folks does this mean I am actually a jogger not a runner?? Please tell me gently. Sometime I run a while at 4.5 but that is my max right now. What do you think?

I did find that I could see benefits of going to the gym to workout. You are there to work out. So that is what you do! At home the treadmill is always there and often gets ignored. There are people watching you so you work hard to not look like a loser.
BUT when the guy two treadmills over kept making all these weird grunting sounds I was suddenly longing for my treadmill at home.
BUT then there was other equipment to try!
Tried the elliptical. I was lost. I stayed on about 12 minutes and could feel the cardio happening but not sure what exactly was being worked out! Just felt the exertion happening! It was definitely a nice alternate to running. Different muscles at work and such.
But for now we aren't going to join. Just pay for one time visits from time to time.
I think I had better google the rules to racquetball before the next visit. And beef up my arms! I felt like a weakling!

The boys enjoyed it!

And we weren't on the couch!



Kim@runningtolosewithfaith said...

To me, jogging/running- what difference does it make. To me I am running. So you got a taste of where I go to get my runs in!! 4.5 is my speed right now for 30 minutes. You should join next winter!!!

Cathy said...

Sounds like a fun time. We joined the YMCA a couple of years ago and used it in the beginning, but the 2nd year we didn't use it hardly at all so we dropped our membership this year. Who knows maybe we'll go back again sometime.

Hope you have fun on your visits.

Vicky said...

Hey, running, jogging--does it matter?? You are MOVING!! That is all that counts!
I wouldn't mind trying to learn the racquetball rules with you sometime--we could learn together! (and be not so great at playing.... together!) Ha. Keep up your great dedication--you really help keep some of us motivated!!
:) Have a great day!

Stacey said...

Definitely Running! My gosh you can keep it up for an hour!!! You rock!! And don't let anyone tell you different!