Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Updates!

--I am soooo thrilled to be getting out the spring clothes!!!! FUN! AND warm temps are headed our way by the middle of next week!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! spring!!!!!! (I am sooo willing to put up with clouds and cold rain today! Knowing I work today anyway!)
--I am forcing myself to get rid of clothes I don't wear! There are things I like, that just don't fit right or are just too short or too big or whatever that must go!!!
--I am doing great on my eating and exercise!!!
--Jedd bawled and bawled last night when UNI lost. Not because they lost really but because his "bracket" is now done in. He will not be winning the contest in his fourth grade class where the winner gets a can of coke. He will still get a jolly rancher for participation. I know, I know, funny stuff.
--I actually went to sleep well before the game was over so I could get up and run this morning before going to work! Only went 3.5 miles. But feel great! Could have pushed for four but my back/hip was hurting all day yesterday from lifting boxes of spring clothes the day before, so I took it a little slower and shorter today. (Kudos to my friend Kim for hitting the four mile mark yesterday!!!!)
-- I get to take pics of some super cute kids tomorrow! not my own! Hope the weather shapes up by the time our session starts!

That's all folks!


Cathy said...

Sounds like you're doing great. Too funny over the jolly rancher.

Kim@runningtolosewithfaith said...

You amaze me... Really! :)

Reba said...

I am trying to decide when to get out those spring clothes. I LOVE spring. But this time of year is always tough for me. As soon as I put away winter clothes, the temps drop. But right now each day, my kids let me know that they are "burning up" in the 60 temps... :)