Monday, July 6, 2009

My girls....

..oh, how I loved having so many girls in the house.

I loved hearing this tiny voice ask Russ
, "Which one of these looks good with my dress?"

I loved looking at this "quiet one"
and wondering what she was thinking.

I loved hearing this girl ask
after we had 8 out of 10 people loaded up to leave:
"Aunt Beth, do I have time to quick paint my nails?"

I loved watching this one jump into action
whenever she saw me with my camera.

Yep, he misses them.

So does he.

"Thanks, sister, thanks for bringing the girls to see us.
We loved every minute of it. "
"Oh and sister, we are putting together a box of all the little pink things that got left behind. "


Sherry said...

Having some extra estrogen around the house must have be heavenly! I'm sure they enjoyed their Aunt Beth, too!

Lindsay said...

the {eyes} have it :)

Lois Lane II said...

Precious. I love this blog.

Heth said...

Those face photos are adorable. Love them.