Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 6 part 1

Well, this week we had a summer-like day, a fall-like day or two,
and then one more summer-ish day, now today...
a spring like day!
High of 72 degrees.
And rain.
But the parade was still a blast!

For the kids it seems it is way more about the candy that is thrown at them that about the floats and cars and tractors!

For Jedd though, it is about getting wet, even when it is 68 degrees AND RAINING out!
He already got his front soaking wet catching a water balloon, now he is trying to get the back, I guess.
See him jumping?

And this little miss is right up there hangin' with the boys getting her fair share of the candy!
Also jumping!

After the parade we picnic and hang out!

Then a walk to the bridge!
H2 didn't get to sleep "in" today.

Daniel is a bit of a pied piper.
He doesn't know what that means, but whew,
it is so "him"!

The girls love their uncle Dan.

There are still fireworks tonight!!!

A new challenge for Cash and I!
I am up to 983 pics from the week.
Not bad.
But the week isn't over just yet!


jenni said...

983 PICTURES!!! I think you might need some therapy or something. :) Went through the last 3 posts... you have had a fun, fun time!

Lindsay said...

I love the one of them on the bridge looking at you ... great color & it just has {family} written all over it!