Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ahhhh... July.

Another July 4th is pasted.
We are spilling over with great memories.
And this photographer (it sounds weird to call myself that) is spilling over with photos. They give me warm fuzzies, they make me smile.
And they are each...free, sort of!

I was quickly bored and frustrated taking pics of fireworks.
This is the only decent one.

I had way more fun taking these:

Glow sticks are a serious,
very serious 4th of July fireworks night tradition,
very serious.

I just gotta say it...

sorry yall...

Is this heaven?
Nope, it's Iowa.


Lindsay said...

I for one LOVE the fireworks shot!! and the last one is FANTASTIC!! Has ALL AMERICAN screaming all over it :)

jenni said...

Hey when you figure out how to successfully photograph fireworks let me know!

Kaye Butler said...

I love the picture you are using in the header! You take such good pictures!

And you are right, glow sticks are a very important part of July 4th and a very very serious.