Monday, July 13, 2009

It's okay... don't be scared...

In an effort to gain back your trust (after the last post) I bring you pretty pink fluffy flowers from my amazing MIL's house.

Ahhhh!! Lovely.

Trust me now?

I was home all day yesterday with neck problems. They are better today. Not 100% but WAY better than the pain I was in yesterday.
Don't worry, this happens a couple times a year.
My spine is curved where it should be straight and my neck is straight where it should be curved.
This creates a tendency for my neck to do crazy stuff.
I think what "set it off" this time was wearing Cash around my neck in the river on Saturday... then at the boys baseball tournaments.... around my neck again... not much...cause I know better!
I know that I should not wear a 6 lb camera around my neck.
But in the river on slimy sharp rocks it seemed necessary at the time.
But it came back to bite me anyway.
I woke up Sunday morning in terrible pain when I would try to turn my head.
Done this many times before, various things trigger it.
It isn't fun.
I went to church just to sing and then came straight home when my song was done so I could load up on Tylenol. On the way home the preacher on the radio was talking about Paul being given a thorn in the flesh as God was going to do such amazing things through Him.
Who knows?!?!

It is getting better.
Next time I will have to whine for Daniel or the boys to carry it.
But would you trust THEM?


Dianne said...

Having the same male/female ratio at my house, NO, I would not trust them!

Stacey said...

Oh Beth! Your blog is so fun!! But I am so glad you get to kiss him!! ha ha!!

Keep smiling!