Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This weekend our town celebrates 150 yrs!

Here are some fun shots I took for someone who called the library looking for current Waverly pics for a brochure (for an unrelated event). I, of course, jumped at the chance to go take some for her since we had nothing current on file at the library that would work for a brochure (she lived and worked in another nearby town).

Enjoy our little town!

This is on top of the bridge where I took that lovely picture of
the man I married.
Oops. sorry,
bet you were trying
to get THAT picture out of your head.

The above pic was my attempt at getting lens flare on purpose.
It is hard to look right at the sun,
even through a camera lens.
Above: We have a new fire station. Pretty, huh?!?!

We live in such a nice little town!
Below: City Hall
Would you believe
we are gearing up
for record LOWS for the next two days?!
Isn't it supposed to be July?!?!

Oh yea,.... it's Iowa.
When will I ever get used to it?

I do this town.

God is good!

I just read online that Cash has a minimum shutter release life expectancy of 100,000 clicks.

I need this weekend to process this information and do the math.
I will also
most likely
take about 500-1000
more pics this weekend,

give or take a few.


God is good.


Vicky Aissen said...

You have such an eye for photos, Beth. I am so impressed when I see your work!! You should send these to the city--they should be using them for people moving to the area-showing them all the beauty in this town!! :) Love looking at your posts & pics!

David said...

Nice pics! Congrats on the brochure. It's neat to get published. All of my chances to get published so far have come from exposure on Flickr.

You might try the sun flare thing when the sun is lower so the light is coming through more of the earth's atmosphere. Some people also use a neutral density graduated filter for that, although I've never tried it myself.

Great shots!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Cash is gonna need a replacement by next year ;) Love the pics! It really is a great town.