Friday, April 10, 2009

Whew, finally.....

.... the hubs agreed it is time to paint the house!!!
We have lived here for three and a half years...
it's red...
well, it WAS red,
now it is well, weathered red:
Daniel says we cannot go "light"
... I read between the lines well;
I think that means "it better not need two coats".
While I have always wanted a yellow house, I am willing to compromise! My boys think I am loony! I have been driving around town taking pictures of houses that are painted colors that I like.... we go!
(said in Mario voice)...
Okay, so I have been thinking green!
Saw this house at sunset and loved it!
Saw it again to take this picture in the middle of the day,
...I am less crazy about this shade of green....

THEN, I noticed this house that I see every single day!
WHILE I DO LOVE the color I am worried I will get tired of it.
And Daniel will not paint it again until it is PEALING again!
What do you think?

So I give you house color 3!
Darker more olive, rich color.
This was taken in full sun... can you tell it is green not gray?

Guess there is no #4!
I was never good with math! *smile*
On to five!
It is not green! It is blue and really more like a dark federal blue. Looks gray on my screen but it is a deep blue/gray/blue.
Maybe if you click on it and see it big you can see blue.

Well, since I may have to live with "weathered color" maybe I should start with a weathered gray?!?!

See how hard this is?
So tell me what yall think!?!?!


Kaye Butler said...

I'm going with #1 and #3.

My husband does stucco, so I got the left over color from a job. It is......YELLOW!!!

I'll get you a picture someday.

TCKK said...

I like 3 & 5. What color is your roof? That could make a real difference.

Lindsay said...

I like 5. And I would paint the door red :) but that's just me ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd from the last...Go for it!

Ariane said...

I love the third suppose to be fourth house picture, I was never good at math either. You could even paint the front door a deep purple/plum/eggplant color. I love that combo!
One other thought is painting the lower level of the house a shade darker than the top level. Just one shade lower on the color pallete. I did this in my house on a ceiling and wall in olive greens and it was really neat! Good luck choosing. How exciting!

Suzann said...

My house is the color of #5 and I totally love it. Love love love it. But I also like #3 almost equally. I love dark house colors! :)

Heth said...

My house is green. So I say good choice. I vote for number 3.

Ronda said...

#2 is my favorite with a VERY close second with #5. You have to keep red somewhere on your house...go with a red front door! But above all, have fun!

Anonymous said...

Matt and I like 3 or 5. It was busy at work today:)

Kim said...

I like 3 and very funny because we are getting our house painted soon too. :)

Vicky Aissen said...

I like 3 or 5. 3 is a nice green, not too overpowering. But 5 is really nice, classic. Good luck! and Happy Easter!!

Lindy said...

I really like #4. Just kidding. :) But I do really like #3 and #5.

Ronda W. said...

I also like 3 and 5. By the way we got our movie today - Thank you very much. James is thrilled.

janette said...

#3. I have a house somewhere between the color of number 5 and 6. For as much as I like it...its just not exciting to me anymore.

We need to repaint ours too...and choosing the color IS the hardest part.

Good Luck!