Thursday, April 9, 2009

We have a winner!!!!!

.... sort of!

Jedd already grew attached
to the name Hamrietta.


....He picked a middle name!

While "Cheeks" was a close second (from Nicole),

was his pick!!!

Yeah for James!!!!!
(For those of you still going..." Ama-what?" Queen Padme Amadalla is a character form Star Wars the Clone Wars. )

There were soooo many cute cute names!!!! I could never have decided... I loved Scribbles, and Scrat, Nibbles and Peach and Cracker.... but you never know what a 9yr old is thinking is cool!

Ronda your prize will be in the mail tomorrow!

Now a fun picture... no, this is not my hubs, nor my daughter... but I think you can tell, they are from my hubs' gene pool...*smile*

We always wondered if one day a little girl would inherit those....
Yes, I have posted this look-a-like pair before... but I bet you aren't tired of that darling face!

I also did not take these... my sis in law and Cash captured her beautifully! I can't believe how great she did just picking up Cash and going! Thanks, B!!!


AND GREAT NEWS!!!!! For me AND for you... if you love looking a random pics of babies that is.... I will have a new nephew or niece to take pictures of come NOVEMBER!!!!!!
Different brother and sis in law than in this post.
Ahhh....... babies!


Heth said...

Good choice Jedd. You can never go wrong with a Star Wars reference. (Note to self, next contest submit something to do with Star Wars)

Nicole said...

Well if I have to lose...I am glad it is to a Queen...from Star Wars!

But, I don't want you callin me when you see what i mean by cheeks and wanting to change the poor things name :)

TCKK said...

Congrats to the winner!!!! The little baby is adorable and congrats on having a new baby coming this fall!!

Stacey said...

Fun name choice! I forgot about Star Wars!!

I bet you can't wait for the new baby!! Fun times in your family!!!

Lindsay said...

I was going to try to enter... but I just can't get myself to name mice :)

Anwyway ... I like the choice :)

Have a GREAT weekend with your boys and that camera of yours!!