Monday, April 13, 2009

Just getting warmed up...

... you knew I would take a lot of pictures this weekend.
Anyone wanna venture a guess?
Well, I don't even know the total really, I delete many as I go, as a play with the settings on Cash so much, that get some really terrible pictures along the way! Anyway, I loaded almost 500 "keepers" last night. Not perfect, not all in focus, but 500 that I will keep! I spent most all weekend at my in-laws... being well feed, holding babies, and laughing at cute toddlers!
Oh, and enjoying my boys as well, really, I did! It was fun to watch them play with and care for their little-er cousins!
Anyway, I have lots of pics to share! I like going in order, so first I will share the trip to grandma and grandpa's house!

We often need to roll down windows, frankly boys often stink.

This was named the best A/C ever.

We are good parents and when the bickering ugliness started in the van,
Daniel said to them, "get out!"
And with big grins they did! Grandma's house was in sight!

See me?

Still grinning!
I just love having boys!
They just love a challenge!
We beat them to grandma's...
went inside and watched them trek up the road.
Like I said, we are good parents!
More pics coming!


TCKK said...

Too funny! You know, Mom, they are not supposed to enjoy the punishment. lol!

Your boys are so cute!! Since you say they stink sometime, I'm just glad you don't have smell-o-photo on your camera ;)

Kaye Butler said...

I wan to kick the girls out of the van but my husband won't let me.

I do make them walk sometimes down our road.

BTW girls stink worse than boys.

mel said...

That's great!! I threaten...

Heth said...

Oh hilarious. Love the A/C pic.

Lois Lane II said...

That is so funny that they ran up the road to grandma's house, haha! You know you're an adult when you say, ", I think I'll ride in the car..." LOL.

Stacy B said...

Good for you! Although sometimes it's me that wants to get out and walk. Great post.