Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Here's the BRIGHT side of choosing a healthy eating plan like Trim Healthy Mama! 


1. Control.  Are you a bit controlling? I am.  I am obsessive too.  Usually diets bring this out in me in a huge way.  But on this plan I am just not seeing it.  I don't have to stress when I walk in the kitchen to find lunch, snack or supper anymore.  I don't have to loathe figuring out something healthy to eat.  I don't find myself using this as a tool to find "control" in my life either. Creating a meal is just like putting together an tiny puzzle with like 3-6 pieces. Easy. I just have to eat the right things at the right times.   

2. Freedom.  No, not the same thing as not needing to control. There is a different kind of freedom many women have found with this plan.  I am still so new at this I cannot really explain it very well. I guess one way is that there is very little that you cannot eat on this plan.  YES sugar and white/regular wheat bread are off the plan, and potatoes.  But dang, three things? Once I found replacements I like for these, I am "home free".  THAT is why I can see myself staying on this plan forever. I am not feeling deprived of anything I crave, as I have alternative to the few things I cannot have that I might crave. Make sense? It is comfortable already, like flip-flops or sketchers or Merrills oooo, have you tried the new yoga slings from sanuk?, WAY COMFY.*smile*

3. Overall health.  I really doubt there is anyone that goes on this plan that does not see some improvement somewhere to their overall health as well. BP, Cholesterol, weight, mood, sleep, SOMETHING.  For me I have never eaten healthier than this plan provides for me.  My blood sugar level has never been so even (I am not diabetic, just hypoglycemic). The only time I have felt it dip badly was after an "E" meal that I just needed to tweak to adjust to my body's reaction.  

4. Discipline. You may have to learn some discipline to make the plan work, if you are not used to doing this when it comes to eating. Seriously, thought, discipline in eating will teach you discipline!  And discipline can rock your whole life path. Just sayin'.

5. Universal.  Now I said it before and I will say it again, this plan may not be for everyone! I do not judge you if you say its not for you, and you can even call me crazy for giving up sugar. I get it, I would have thought it crazy at one time, too. But now I am three years past 40 and cannot continue to gain weight and eat the way I was eating. I honestly do believe that this plan is pretty universal.  I didn't at first, but man, the more I follow people on the plan the more I see how it works for so many people with so many special conditions and problems physically that can hinder them on other plans.  Just try it. You can borrow my book. *smile* 

6. Influence.  It is contagious. You will rub off on others.  Just wait and see.

7. Fashion. I know, I know this one is kinda vain, but man is it fun getting to buy new clothes! Goodwill is my new hang out. AND there are clothes from the back of my closet I am FINALLY wearing that haven't fit in YEARS AND YEARS! 
Like this shirt!

I know I bought it two or more years ago without trying it on.
It finally fits TWO years later!


8. Support.  I have never seen such a great supportive group as you can find among these peeps. In the blogs, the FB group, youtube, they are everywhere.  This plan is taking off ON ITS OWN.  You won't be seeing it in an infomercial anytime soon.  It is spreading because people LOVE it! When they love it they (me included) want to SHARE it and support those who don't quite "get it" yet! *smile* You know who you are. 

9. Visual.  The food on this plan LOOKS good, LOOKS normal, and has Pinterest and the app twogrand to visually challenge you to ---- stay. on. plan. You won't be staring at a plate of disappointing and sparse food. 

10. Weight.  The success rate on this plan is pretty amazing. The results speak for themselves. But WHAT A PERK! I LOVE BEING THIS SIZE! And I am not even to my goal weight yet, just sayin' - it gets fun. And I am not fearing gaining it back.  This plan works so well for me that even if I mess up I can get back on plan. 

Confession: I am a little scared to eat sugar now.  I "hear" from many people that once you go off sugar and heavy carbs for a while, some people actually feel sick after eating that stuff.  I use that to motivate me not to cheat! I hate a tummy ache! 

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