Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 5 last Disney day. Last day with the girls. :(

 Even though this was the view from our hotel room:

We got up early that day, well, except for our exhausted Rusty! And hit the park super early to get on the rides that normally have a long wait - like the Safari ride! lol!

It was very cool:
 Some days I want this life. Floating. In warm water. All day. In the sun.

 Tell me, am I the only one....
 ...who starts singing, "Ooooooo, sexy lady...."

Here are some fun iphone photos from the trip ---
This one below is inside the big ball at Epcot.
 This is under the big Epcot ball. It's a ride inside!
 I like how skinny I look here.
 Go to a theme park with a teen, they will spot the celebrities from a mile away.
 (Duck Dyn*sty star- Cole)

 Mac - n - cheese hot dog.  Jedd's, not mine.
 My fav roller coaster! Holly got this one with all three of us on it.
I am the second person in kelly green.
Jedd is two rows back in the Superman shirt.
And Daniel is in the next to last row in the Capt. America shirt. 
Holly also too this with her phone!

There was more Disney.....after dark,

but I was too pooped. 

The majority of the group stayed out at the parks until 2 a.m.  
So I missed getting to take photos of Magic Kingdom at night.  
Jedd or Holly took this for me!
I enjoyed my sleep.

DAY 6 - we catch up with the band again!

At the beach!

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