Monday, September 3, 2012

My happy place.

I went to my mother-in-laws garden last night at sunset just so I could have some fun today playin' with the photos. It is my happy place.
Most of all I love c.o.l.o.r.!
 I love low exposure. (Dark)
 And warm light.
 And macro.
And little surprises, like below.
  Do you see it? Click the photo above to see the surprise!

Tell me..... what is your happy place? 


Lindsay said...

Gorgeous! All of them! How did you do that first one?

janette said...

just beautiful. Just like you. :)
Absolutely stunning photos!!

Thank you for sharing!

Reba said...

The beach at sunset. If I can't get to the beach (which is 51 weeks out of the year :), my next favorite happy place is War Eagle Mill (the one lane bridge) at sunset. I LOVE your pictures. You are so talented!