Monday, September 24, 2012

Notes from the conference.

If you follow me on facebook you already know that my husband and I attended the Real Marriage Conference in Indy this weekend.  And you may have noticed we had a ton of fun with the good friends with whom we attended the conference.  It was such a great experience and I just wanted to share some of the things I got! ( These are also found in the book "Real Marriage" by Mark and Grace Driscoll.)
1. First of all I found out how funny Pastor Mark Driscoll actually is! He was hysterical and there's nothing like laugh your heart out and then being blown away by the truths of Scripture in the same moment!
2. He's not afraid to speak the truth and /or his opinion on what the Bible says about sex and marriage. And that was refreshing and also hilarious, at times. But while the subject came up frequently, it was not at all the focus.  The focus was on FRIENDSHIP! He said, "Friends make you best day twice as good, and your worst day half as bad" and that BOTH men and women deeply long for friendship in marriage.  This means dating your spouse! Planning and having fun together!
3. "Marriage is not about the first day but about being devoted until the last day."
4. "Couples don't fall out of love they fall our of repentance."  We must not only "feel bad" about the ways we wrong our spouse, we need to repent. This means we willfully CHANGE  that behavior.
5. Satan is always looking for a "foothold" in your marriage. Watch out!
6. Forgiveness - "if we welcome Jesus' forgiveness, we must extend forgiveness to others."
     - Forgiveness is not denying, approving or diminishing sin that is committed against us.
     - Forgiveness is not a one time event.
     - Forgiveness is not neglecting justice.
7. It is ok to be angry but don't let it lead to sin.
8. "As an act of worship we must respond to our sinful spouses as God responded to our sin - with forgiveness."
9. Sexual sins ( like pornogr*phy, adultery, etc.) that occur are all "worship" issues (meaning they are about your own relationship with God) rather than  just being considered "sexual issues".
10.  There are a lot of distorted view on sex he discussed that were great and so well done that you really have to read the book to really appreciate - I cannot do some of it justice here. 
11. Pastor Driscoll talked a lot about humility and selflessness.  He said that "humble and humble" will always get along, but when one is prideful..... they won't.  He suggested praying each day "Lord, clothe me in humility". 

There were so many more great points and things discussed.  Really,  I read the book before we went and still was blown away by the truths he shared. 

Daniel and I had a great time talking about the things we learned, the things we felt we needed to work on, the things that "bug" us in our relationship, and more. While we already feel we have a great relationship, it has not been without it's struggles and is NOT immune to failure if we do not fight for our relationship to be all it can be.  We both are more in tune to the others thoughts, needs and feelings than we were a few days ago! And that is such a blessing! This conference just made it much easier to talk about and see from each others' perspectives.  AND IT WAS SO FUN! (Special thanks to our friends who invited us! We loved talking about what God is doing in their lives and in their family!)

For more info on the conference we attended: REAL MARRIAGE TOUR
For one closer, maybe check this one out ( I haven't been to it, but I want to go sometime to this one): WEEKEND TO REMEMBER 

Here is our photo from the photo booth at the conference! Too fun! Daniel only wished he had been goofier in these. 

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