Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I like to look at old photos,,,,

... I mean really old photos.  And I often think about how the culture viewed women and beauty so differently a hundred years ago.  I imagine the standard of what a beautiful woman is was different.
This is my Great Grandma Ewing Jennings and her sister Lena. 

On the biggest loser last night a 25 year old girl poured tears as she struggled to refer to herself as beautiful.  

What woman doesn't struggle with the standard of beauty our culture pushes all around us?

At forty I know better but I cannot say I don't struggle still. Insecurity.  Inferiority. 

Somewhere along the way we have said that we need to compare ourselves to the women around us.  

I listened to this song as a pumped away on the elliptical the other day - Beautiful by Group 1 Crew 

Why do we hesitate to say,"I am beautiful"?  Do we fear others will call that into doubt? God made each of us so beautiful.  Each one. 
Here are the lyrics:

I’ve been thinking bout the way I see, myself and I, just can’t understand why I say
All those hurtful things about myself, insecurities, they don’t seem to just go away
And it’s hard for me to understand, you loving me, through all the mistakes that I make
I’m so glad that you will never leave, keep reminding me, how you see me each day I wake

I’m so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful uh oh uh oh (4x)
I’m so beautiful, there’s nobody else that’s made like me
I’m so beautiful, I’m exactly how the way you want me

I love the way you made my smile cuz it fits my face, its so wonderful, unbelievable
And every color in my eye is just the perfect shade, so incredible, indescribable
Now you may think I’m not a perfect size or overweight, but I’m huggable, oh so lovable
Lets put away our silly thoughts and fall in love with life, cuz there’s so many reasons for you to smile

that’s me, I like a girl who got some confidence uncommon but wit common sense quick to help her mama with the groceries and condiments
Doesn’t live fast, and loves life and gives compliments,
Someone who I can ask about life and knows what time it is
Never late to meet me even though I always am give her some sorry excuse but she always understands
She can take me in some sports basketball was her thang
But at night she throws some heels on I love her just the same
Don’t need a covergirl or maybleen cuz I maybe I lean a lil closer to the side of viewing her as a queen
And over throws my world with, the sense of humor she brings, I’d give my life away to hear her sing

Words & Music by: Manwell Reyes Pablo Villatoro David Garcia

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