Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning photography

I could spend the rest of my life learning how to improve my photography! The best teacher is just taking more pictures.  This fall I have done very little "fall" photography, but I have done a lot of people photography!
One session was a teen from our church! He was a great subject! He was very at ease which put me at ease and we took some fun photos!
 I love trying special effects and textures.
 This idea I found by accident, but I like the look.
 I like that there are three very different wardrobe changes!
 I think that once you see these...
 ... you will pretty much know..
 this teen....
 ... and this photographer.


Lindsay said...

you rock! keep shooting ... and I'm with you on the best teacher is just to keep taking pictures :)

Love to you Beth ~

Renegades said...

Your second photo is awesome. What great work!

Reba said...

I love the pics. Very cool. You are such a great photographer!