Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learning curves.

There are so many learning curves in life and in my photography.  I feel like I have been going through them in both areas of my life.
When I say, - in my life- I mean in my heart, in my relationship with He who resides there. Jesus Christ.
He is teaching me so much through the death of my mother seven weeks ago.  He is teaching me how to grieve, how to lay my hurting heart before Him to comfort and protect. He washes it's raw edges with perfect peace.  Peace I cannot even explain. It is oddly refreshing through the tears that pour in those moments.
I miss her.  I have not stopped missing her.  It hurts.  It hurts a lot. It's like a lost security blanket is miss and you know in your heart it is gone. She was such a place of security for me. I knew with her - I was loved and adored so unconditionally.
But since she knew Jesus Christ too, I will see her soon. I will see her shining face someday.  And with that is peace. With that is comfort.  With that there is hope. With that there is no fear. 
I am sad but I am happy.

I am blessed.

I only wish I had taken more photos of her.  This is one of my favorites. My parents and my boys. Taken March 2000.

Next post... learning curves in photography!


Jennifer Campbell said...

What a great picture! Your Mom was a special lady and I know she felt equally blessed to have you as her daughter:)

Reba said...

I love that picture. Thinking of you often. I know I look forward to seeing her big smile one day when we meet again!

Penny said...

Beautiful picture!

I wish I could just reach through this computer and hug you. Or bring you food. I'm not good on knowing what to say during hard times like these...I'm more of an action person. But I am praying for you, and that is an action as well. =)