Thursday, November 17, 2011

The influence of Daniel.

 (Note the pegged jeans and scrunch socks, 
beyond the 80's hair and the fact that this is 1994.)
Only God Himself knows the influence Daniel has had on my life.  I may not be a different type of person without him but I sure would be different in other ways. 
I would not be as laid back as I am now.
I would not be as funny. 
I might have a cleaner house, but I would not have learned to leave my house messy to go play as a family.
I would maybe be less patient.  Now, I am not saying he REQUIRES a lot of patience (as you may think), but that I have LEARNED patience from him.  *smile*
I would be more reserved for sure.

He has changed me.  In a good way.

He even influences my photography from time to time.  Telling me I should take a photo of something gross for instance. This nasty worm.  Sure the colors are interesting but the beauty stops there for me.

 I would rather focus on the leaf and the vines.
 There are even some things we both like.
But I do love that many times Daniel makes me look at things differently. And it is fun. Sometimes weird, but mostly fun.


Lindsay said...

wowsers. bright, beautiful, and amazing!!

I'd say he's a GREAT influence ~

DawnBarb said...

Made me smile

Reba said...

Love this! I have a feeling you are just right for each other...I would guess you have influenced him a way or two also. :)

Megan Epley said...

And neither one of you looked like you've aged! but your style has... :)

Jenn said...

WOW! These photos are amazing and I love the words you put with them!