Wednesday, November 16, 2011

17. no one really knows.

No one really knows what another persons marriage is really like.  They are unique as the individuals in each marriage.
Daniel and I just celebrated 17 years together! Now his Aunt said I deserve a medal for 17 years with Daniel and his craziness.
People often wonder what it is like to be married to a funny guy like Daniel.  But those who know him well, have a pretty good guess that I have it pretty good. They know he has a kind, caring, giving side that is a treasure. I actually didn't know the extent of his goofy side until after we were married.  But that has been a blessing in disguise. Since my teens I had prayed for a husband that was funny. Whew! God answered THAT one!

I love a lot of things about him.
 A couple days after Moma's funeral he took me all around over in a Ranger to places he thought I would like to take pictures. I hardly left the house that week and a half at grandma's house, so it was incredibly refreshing.
Now, I may not like what he does when I hand him my camera. ( I cleaned out his nose in photoshop just for you.)
 So I got him his own camera, not realizing what he would capture. We were on a levee and Jedd was down below.   Let's just say we were not stopped for this photo.
 This flower, he brought to me to take pictures!  I was not about to go in that tall grass by the water to get it! NO WAY! Why didn't HE get chiggers?!?! (Fun fact: I read that chiggers like women and children better because their skin is thinner and softer!)

 He also took me one evening to take pictures along the bayou of the cypress trees he found at his favorite duck hunting/fishing area at the Bayou Meto.  At the end of a sunny day the sky suddenly got dark and rainy. I was disappointed in the lighting but the trees were beautiful!

(For some reason I think of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" when I look at the trunks of these cypress.) 

Of course he decided to fish while I took pictures.  At least our hobbies "sort of" mesh! *smile*

Even though our personalities are very opposite.... they mesh pretty well.  Actually, very well. And for that I am very thankful.


This weekend he is taking me to a spot he thinks I will like for taking pictures! Can't wait! 

I love that man. Even if the trip also includes a certain Bass Pro Shop.  (they do have cute clothes there!)


Lindsay said...

LOVE this ... and I love your short hair :)

Happy 17 years!! You're a GREAT team!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I think you compliment each other perfectly. :) Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

Hannah Herald said...

they say opposites attract.. :)