Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food and Flowers

I have never enjoyed flowers as much as I did the day my mother was buried. The sun shining on those delicate yet flaming bright colors, was just breathtaking. I returned to her grave in the afternoon and took hundreds of photos. I didn't want to ever forget how beautiful all the flowers were that day. They were gifts from all the people that loved her and loved our family.  They were as comforting as the sweet southern food we were given that day. That's what friends do, find ways to comfort each other.  I am happy food and flowers do that so well! *smile*


Lindsay said...

oh sweet Beth - flowers and food and friends and family ... a day filled with {f}!

Know that your Oregon friends are sending you love - so much of it!

Beautiful picture - simply breathtaking!

Reba said...

Beautiful picture to remember a beautiful lady. Hugs to you each day!