Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Only He knows.

The one thing I wanted to photograph this trip:

Magnolia blossoms. They are HUGE! About 10-12 inches wide. 

There is a huge magnolia tree at the cemetery, so I went there to find a bloom.

I like to visit several graves each time I go"home" anyway.

It was a sweet time.

This is the first set:
 How sweet to see this  bloom with the inner parts gently hidden by two petals.
 I love the huge white petals. Silky as rose petals.

One thing I had not realized is how short a life these blossoms have! 
The next day this one was completely brown and sad. 
At that moment, so was I. 
For other reasons.

With a photo it was captured forever. 
It was a good reminder to  me of the shortness of life.
God is sovereign.
Each life has the time He allots.
Not one day more...
...not one day less.
And I can stand in that cemetery with a heart full of peace (and some sadness)
 knowing He knows.
Only He knows.


Reba said...

Beautiful pictures. I love magnolias. But you are right. Their time is very short, as is ours on this earth. We have to make the most of every day...

Shelley said...

Great thoughts with your beautiful pictures! Doesn't it give you comfort to think someone who can create a flower that beautiful from nothing is in control? That makes me happy.

Suzann said...

Lately (in a time of contentment) I am trying to learn my lessons so that I can say that I have learned contentment, especially in times where it is not such an easy thing. God is sovereign, and good and loving. :)