Thursday, June 16, 2011

A little more exciting. As magnolia's go.

One thing that is different in Arkansas than in Iowa-- the bugs.  They are larger, there are more of them, and they are meaner.  Seriously, if you have not met a mud dauber don't doubt me.
But I will definitely take bee's over snakes or mud daubers any day! They have a much milder approach.
So here we go with the second set:

While on the subject of snakes and mud daubers, lets talk about fear.
One thing God really spoke to me about while I was home was regarding fear.  Fear can grip you, shake you, paralyze you, and even numb you. (Much like an approaching snake or mud dauber *smile*).... but more often it is with pain or loss. I am slowly losing someone I love and my heart can easily be overcome with fear. But God swoops in and wraps His arms around me and shows me that I have nothing to fear. Nothing. And the peace replaces ALL the fear in that moment. It is both beautiful and amazing. I cannot imagine life without this gift of God's love and power in my life.  He proves Himself OVER and OVER and OVER to me. It is so sweet and gentle.
I have a loving loving Heavenly Father. He is so real. And I have nothing to fear.

So click on that last photo if you want to print it larger, right click on it and print it out and put it somewhere to remind you that with Jesus Christ in your life.... you have nothing to fear.


I think I may go read all of that chapter.




Reba said...

Beth, the pictures are beautiful. I could see several of them being blown up and hung on the wall. My heart hurts for you but you are so right...nothing to fear with Christ in your life. I know in many ways you are losing someone you love but I also know they won't ever be "lost" completely. Why? I see so much of them in you.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are beautiful. I don't know that I've ever noticed all the detail. I also love your message. The scripture is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing!!!

Anne said...

Fear, yep. It can be one of those things hard to control. My priest also equates it with lack of control over ones imagination. My Grace is very learning disabled. It took me years to learn to trust in God (with Grace) and to not let my imagination (fear) run away with me. It is often what I pray and patience, one day at a time.