Monday, June 13, 2011

It was so awesome.

To the casual follower of this blog you may think this is just another "float post". 
But for us... 
it was THE TWO BEST FLOATS ever! 
We just returned from 10 days in Arkansas. As expected, I have a huge amount of photos to share! Probably took 1000 photos this trip. Don't freak... I am going to post a few at a time! Keep checking back 'cause there are some REALLY fun posts coming up!
So here we go!

We started our first Arkansas float on Crooked Creek! 
 It was crazy hot, but the spring-fed creek was cool!

 You had to put your hands and feet in the water at times to keep from melting completely.

 Last post I told you about Jedd and his love for this kayak.
Still in love.

 If I weren't melting I could sit here forever.

 This guy is just trying to get to the next good spot to toss some bait on a hook!

 This one just smiles.

 Me, just draggin' my feet in the cool water. 
Good thing you can't smell us.

Now on to the Buffalo River for more dramatic scenery!

 That little blue spot is Russ!

 Inside that little cave - Daniel and Jedd.

 JEDD LOVED finding spots to get out and JUMP!



 Not jumping in, jumping OUT!

 I had high hopes for chances to take pictures of flowers, birds, and other wildlife.
You will see in future posts,
Some wildlife FOUND ME! 
I will tell you now there was screaming and full-on panic.

Then I was OUTTA there.
But you will have to come back later for that story!


Reba said...

Love the pictures. I love hiking around the Buffalo. I have yet to get to actually float it but it is on my "to do" list. Can't wait to hear more about your close encounters with nature...

Renegades said...

Our fun thing to do once a summer is to load up in a tank and go tanking down the river. It is so fun!

Yours looked like fun too!

funkymacgirl said...

beautiful pictures