Friday, May 13, 2011

learning curves

If there is one thing I have learned with a "big" camera..... it is that there is a serious learning curve when you take the camera off "auto".  I am a SLOW slow learner. I know what I want the picture to look like.  I just find it is very hard to get there.

I was told for Mother's Day I should pick out a new lens.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  Something to take macro.  I love macro. I want to see what is beyond the norm. Macro pictures feel quiet and peaceful to me.

This new lens gets really really close! The first picture is a two inch wide flower.
And I love it:
 I l.o.v.e. being able to capture the fuzz on the stems!
 Oh how I miss magnolia trees. This is also a magnolia just different and smaller than the southern kind!

 These wrinkled leaves remind me of a newborn. 

Sorry if that sounds weird.
 These tiny white flowers are the size of my thumb nail.

 Just HAD to try some textures!
 Apple blossom.

The pink one above ( don't you love how I don't even know them names of any of these flowers... I am so garden dumb) is covered in pollen. See it?

So here are my questions for my fellow photo lovers:

How do I reduce the noise? I have never had noise problems until this lens.   I know that ISO is supposed to help but I adjust it and get nothing. 
How do I increase the dof?  I push up the aperture but it doesn't seem to help.  This lens works sooooo differently than my other lens.  I am totally in love but struggling to find the look I want.  I love a shallow depth of field but it is so incredibly narrow that I need to alter it a tiny bit at times just to get my focal point in focus. 

ANY advice or comments are welcome!

I am just learnin' here on the curve!

I am my own worst critic.  The first time I looked through the photos, as usual, I seemed to not like anything.  I think that is because most were not how I envisioned them actually turning out. But when I leave them alone a few days and come back... I find a few that I like.

Hope you found a few you like. *smile*


Vicky said...

Wowsa! I LOVE the apple blossom pics--and that last one where you can actually see the specks of pollen! Amazing! You are too harsh on yourself, because I see BEAUTY in all of them!

Anonymous said...

These are really really cool!!


funkymacgirl said...

your pictures are gorgeous...ive been wanting a macro lens as my next purchase..not for a while though and im the same way we invision our picture to be super hd...then were not satisfied honestly this is the best they can get i love them great job!! oh im clueless about the noise but isnt it great to explore photography??!

Reba said...

I have no advice because I am not only garden/flower dumb but also photo dumb. But I will say I LOVE the pictures. All of them. We hike alot and I am always trying to take pictures of flowers in the woods because they are such splashes of colors among the green. Yet I can never capture it with a digital camera...they never show the detail that your pictures do. And that to me is the part I love!

Stacey said...

How fun to get a new lens!! And you finally got out and took some spring pics!! Awesome!! I love the last one with the pollen!! You should try to e-mail Miz Booshay with your know I can't answer them....

You are doing great.

Kim said...

LOL, Garden dumb! So am I.....hahahahaha!