Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day three.

Today it is less swollen but there is blood in the white of his eye and so he has to go have a specialist look at it today.  Likely it is just the progression of it all.
He both loves and hates all the attention. 

For those who love the gross and blood stuff.  

I will continue to post daily picks until it clears up!



Penny said...

Poor little dude! Hope it clears up quickly!!!

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness gracious ... what I have to look forward to :) oh wait - I think he and Mason could be in competition :)

Love you beth - and love your new banner/header! Beautiful!

ShannonK said...

ouchie-wowsa. Hoping it will clear up with no complications!

Suzie said...

Back in "the day" they used leaches to take the swelling away... :0 Poor kid!