Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday!

The title really should be Weight Tracker Wednesday and other random stuff!

First the weigh-in.  While I don't look at a loss as the be all and end all of my success anymore, I do have to use it as PART of the equation.  It has been two weeks since a weigh in and in the first week I lost nothing but was very successful in BOTH my healthy eating habits and my swimming.  So I still was feeling great.  This past week. Same eating habits and same swimming...... two pounds lost! Definitely more exciting than last week, but funny how I am at the same peaceful place as last week. Content. Content to know that I am changing how I THINK as well as how I eat and exercise. I approach eating and food so differently after turning my focus from the food to my faith in Jesus Christ. It is not the same battle anymore. I am using the power HE gives me instead of my lame attempts at my own will power.  I know that I want to eat healthy and lose weight so I make choices in His strength that reflect that.  Today I hit a goal weight... I know weight what I did just before I got pregnant with Russ.  Now, I am only 6 pounds less than I was in May of last year when I was at my peak of running.  I gained some back, lost that and now some more. So that makes it seem like..oh.. six pounds. BUT
I weigh now 36 pounds less than I did at my heaviest.
I weigh 14 less than I did in mid-December.
My next goal is to lose 16 more. Putting me in the top end of the recommended weight for my height.
I am eating healthier than I EVER have in my life.
I am enjoying the peace that comes when you eat healthy... no guilt, no second guessing, no judging myself, no feeling judged by others.
I am enjoying letting Jesus Christ feed my cravings for peace, comfort and joy. I am not letting chocolate, pizza, and warm buttery bread try to fill those moments.
I NOW look at why I eat stuff.  I didn't think about WHY before.
Now, I am rambling!
Here is a quote from someone doing a Made to Crave blog post yesterday that sums this up (from Jill somebody that is on a much stricter diet than I):
I need spiritual motivation to step in where my physical determination falls short.-Jill

That is the sum of it. I need a power beyond myself. And that is what He offers. It comes through my relationship with Him. 

Now for some fun random stuff:

I showed Daniel the "Dam Cam" on our city website that is a 24/7 video camera of the dam in the middle of town. Also a place where he likes to fish--- Daniel: "Whew, glad I know that camera is there before I did anything."   Wish you could have seen his face! AND  I told him NO MOONING THE DAM CAM!!! 

Quote from Jedd: " Moma, do you wish you could be on Biggest Loser?" 

Hope he said that cause he knows I love the show! I asked him, "Do you think I am still pretty big?" He said no. What a smart little boy.

If you have not seen the latest you tube sensation video of the baby laughing when his mom blows her nose your day is not complete.  You can view it HERE

Well, this one is just adorable too... click here.

And if that didn't top off your need for a baby fix.... here are some pics I took last week of my friend Sarah's little Lucy!

By y'all!



Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I can just hear you saying "Bye" in your sweet southern drawl that I so love!

You take amazing pictures :)

And I'm HOOKED on that 21 day challenge and love love it. Thanks for sharing your journey, it's inspiring.

Stacey said...

Love whatever you did with her eyes!! Beautiful pics!! It would have been hilarious if Daniel Mooned the dam cam!!!

Reba said...

Good for you! And I love the girlie girl pictures. She is a cutie!