Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm back.

Hey yall! I am back!
Today is Monday. For me that means laundry, lots of laundry. BUT in between the laundry I try to do fun projects!
Today I am changing out my winder clothes in my closet for spring stuff! AND boxing up lots of clothes that just don't fit anymore! *sigh* that feels really good! (even though it is still cold here.)

I have a lot of clothes and a rather small closet.  So right now there are about ten different piles of clothes on my bed, a zillion hangers all over the bed and a closet that already looks full. I need to be really disciplined in my sorting. 
I am struggling with whether or not to keep the clothes that are too big.  I have a lot of "favs" in those piles. And my head has not even caught up with the size I actually am wearing right now. But I HATE waste and yet I hate to let it go. There are a lot of "what ifs" in my head. *Sigh*

I really am doing well I my diet! I will update you on Wednesday! I hope!

For now I just gotta tell you about a way to get some inspiration in your email inbox.  The book I read that has been such an inspiration to me, "Made to Crave" has a website and on that website there is a 21 Day Challenge.  Really it is just quotes and discussion of ideas from the book. There is also a blog. So go check it out HERE and sign up for the blog or the 21 day Challenge emails! You will love the daily bits of encouragement and inspiration.

OH AND DO I HAVE some pics to share! Later. *smile*


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Get rid of the clothes that are too big. You don't need them. :)


Now I'm going to go sign up for the 21 Day challenge :)

Angela said...

Yeah for too-big clothes!! I was just going to agree with Sarah - get rid of the clothes! I lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers about 6 years ago, and it's scary to get rid of things as you shrink, but I think it's mentally good not to have the clothes to fall back on. I hate getting rid of "favorites," too. But you can always find new ones!! :-)

Congrats on doing so well. I've had a great few weeks, too. I don't weight in until Thursday, but I've been sticking to WW very well and am pretty proud of myself. As soon as my body figures out I'm not nursing anymore, I'm hoping the numbers will go down even more! :-)

Your pictures is beautiful, by the way. It's a great shot of your beautiful brown eye (sounds funny not to say "eyes," but there's only one in the shot!). :-)

ShalomSeeker said...

Chickadee--Consider the giving up of those clothes as blessing someone else who needs them...then give 'em away! You'll be AMAZED a how refreshing this is! I, too, lost many favorites over the years, but what I found was SO much better. Plus, honestly, I like the clothes I have now better! Your old favs will only look good on you if you go back to the old you. And you're not planning on doing that, are you? ;o)
SO excited for you!! Go get 'em, girl!

Renegades said...

Get rid of the clothing that is to big.

Glad to see you posting.

Penny said...

Getting rid of big clothes is hard...but getting new clothes is lots of fun!! =D

Since money is tight for us on most days, I didn't buy much when I started losing inches (cause I lost fat and gained muscle, so I stayed the same weight). I actually got to wear some "skinny clothes" that I kept for YEARS. That was fun, lol. But I have bought some essentials, such as a new pair of brown pants, new khakis and black pants, and a few new tops. But that's over a year or so, lol.

Reba said...

The changing of the season...I need to do it. Unfortunately, it happens for the kids before me. Anyway, I am with the others. Get rid of the too big clothes. If something really is a fave, maybe keep one or two for those days you just need a comfort clothing kind of day. :)