Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weight tracker Wednesday

It's Wednesday. And I am pretty happy. 1.4 lost this week. BUT the scale is no longer my only measurement of success! This week have I really put into practice the things I am learning and the things I know to be true?  Yes. And that is sweet victory you cannot measure on a scale. This is a process of learning, so I am no where near "there" when it comes to really having a handle on my eating but I have to say that it was a good week for me.  Here are some of the encouraging truths I held onto this week in the form of quotes from MADE TO CRAVE:

"Trust the effort you are putting into getting healthy. And keep going!"

"Focusing only on what we are giving up will make us feel constantly deprived. And deprivation leads to desperation, frustration and failure. Instead we have to focus on everything we gain in this process. And see the gains as more valuable than the losses."

My interpretation... "I want a healthy, thinner body worse than I want that cake ball."

I am learning that the process of losing weight and getting a healthier me can be about more than an image or a size, but about spiritual growth. It can be both. Nothing is more important to me than my relationship with Jesus Christ.   And this is an opportunity to demonstrate that in my body and actions.Plus it allows me to tap into His guidance and help in the process. Kind of a no-brainer, huh?

I have finished the book. And I found a thing or two I don't exactly agree with her on,  but still the book is really amazing.  Hope you won't hesitate to read it. What's funny is that I didn't realize till half way through that Lysa is the same person that does these little spots on our local Christian radio station for Proverbs 31 ministries.  And I have to admit that at first I thought REALLY? cause sometimes that lady annoys me! ha ha! But the truth is, she has a wonderful grasp of the Scriptures that is both beautiful and challenging. And I thank her for all she has helped me learn.
Six more pounds and I will be at the weight I was before getting pregnant with Russ! That is my next goal! It will also mean I weight less than my 7th grader. *smile*


Angela said...

Do you follow Weight Watchers, Beth? I'm trying to get back on it but having a hard time. Your book sounds great. I think I heard her do a show on Focus on the Family about motherhood the other day. It was really good.

I saw your tag said Weight Watchers, so just curious!

Megan Epley said...

I like your last paragraph, because I agree. :) And I think it's wonderful that you're so close to such wonderful points! Go Beth!

Renegades said...

Good job!

Cathy said...

You're doing great!

Reba said...

Good for you. I went up half a pound this week. :( I was disappointed. I didn't even eat any chocolate lava cake. I really need to read the book. I do.