Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend peek

Here is a peek into our weekend!

Jedd is l.o.v.i.n.g. basketball!

So we are frequently at tournaments! 

First off.... they start early....

 This is an upward "sun dog"?!?! 

Something new to this Southern girl.

But this boy makes it worth getting up early on a Saturday.
 He is finding out how much RUNNING there is in basketball!
This tourney they played full court!
 Jedd picked out where we'd eat lunch.
 FYI: I ate ONE roll 
and grilled shrimp no butter. 
And it was soooo yummy!

 Seriously! We ALL took leftovers home! 
It's those darn rolls.

 And now for a peek into "my today":

Now mind you this is my right hand. 

I had to take this upside down. And then rotate it.

There was no way I could hold my heavy camera and push the button with one hand.

Even upside down I had to rest it on my chest.
But this is what I was doing ALL day today!

Except the hour I spent at the gym (30 minutes swimming) 
and the hour I spent cooking supper.

My homemade Sesame Chicken sauce was gross.

It was a good day.


Renegades said...

Hiredman is also doing basketball. He's so funny though as he goes to every practice and doesn't want to go to the games. We don't make him now that he's small. Hoping that's the right decision to raise a great man.

Glad you are all enjoying some quality family time.

Have a fantastic day tomorrow.

Reba said...

Love the pictures. Our oldest daughter plays and I cannot get a good "action" shot to save my life. I haven't attempted sesame chicken yet but we made Mongolian beef last night and it was pretty yummy. (Not so much on the fried rice) Anyway...have a good week!

Stacey said...

Hey Beth!! Love the sun pic! What is that thing? your writing tablet? Did you get a new camera? A Canon??
Congrats on one pound too!