Sunday, December 26, 2010

Okay y'all.

1.I am overwhelmed again.
2. Because I have taken over 600 photos this weekend.
3. I do this a lot you know.
4. I think there are still Arkansas photos I have not shared from Thanksgiving! BUT I am going to have to just start throwing photos out here at random.  There are soooo many great pics from this weekend! Even a couple funny videos! So hang on! And here we go!

Random photo of Daniel with hat head. 

Reading of Luke 2!

 A new tradition: 
The first one to find the pickle ornament gets to open the first present!

I just LOVE trying to keep up with them all as they opened presents!

Insert random photo:

Of course there is a slide at Grandma's house. 

I don't even know what to call this 
but ALL the kids bounced endlessly with huge smiles on their faces!
Well, those under 60 pounds, that is.


ALL the little girls and their love for babies!
 And changing tables for babies!
 And a little boy
who didn't even open his presents
cause all he wanted
was the first gift he unwrapped. 

A fishing pole.
In the posts to come:
Sledding off the barn roof. 
Horse drawn wagon ride in the falling snow.
Pictures of the HUGE amount of snow we have right now.
More cute baby pics. 
And later some fun new pics with my new lens!


Renegades said...

Wow looks like some fun family time.

I'm with you for having so many photos to share. I just get caught up in the clicking.

Stacey said...

What new lens???!!!!