Monday, December 27, 2010

The most wonderful time......

Christmas Eve was a VERY snowy day. 

So in Iowa that means play time....

 See the snow in baby girl's lashes!?!

... and the fun didn't stop with a wagon ride....
 They are grown men, but very willing to prove the younger generation has nothing on them!
 Two just isn't enough, Russ has to pile on!
 FYI: they didn't make it around the next curve.
 Then came the bright idea to sled off the barn.
 First a practice jump from the ladder into the fluffy snow!
 And there's my baby on the top of the barn.
 At least the uncles had found out where the snow was NOT soft before letting Jedd go!

They quickly decided that they had better stop before someone found out how old he is.

They went on to trying to play football in the deep snow. 

Daniel is still limping. 

The Christmas Eve candlelight service was cancelled at church.
So we decided to have our own.


Megan Epley said...

LOVE the picture of Ed driving the sleigh and the kids around the lights!

Cathy said...

Love the sleigh riding pictures and the barn roof video! Scary stuff, but it looks so fun. Love the picture with the kids with their candles. Too cute.

Lindsay said...

the whole thing seems magical - fabulous pics too! :)

Suzie said...

How fun with all the snow! Sledding off any roof with that much snow is a blast!

At our Christmas Eve candlelight service we sing a few versus of "This Little Light of Mine" before blowing out the candles.