Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight tracker Wednesday!

I am pretty happy today!

I worked really hard,

ran on the treadmill 5 out of seven days,

ate healthy,

stayed in my guidelines for how much to eat,

still had small sweet snacks,

still went out to eat last night with Daniel and shared a dessert!



FIVE pounds!


I am going shopping today!!!!

Just to Sam's club.

But for me that is exciting.


Update on the MITES!!

Your comments have had me rolling in laughter!!!!

Thanks! It helps!

For those that asked, yes we are sure it is not bed bugs, fleas and not scabies!

It is definitely the rare rodent mite!

While we were not told we needed to "bug bomb" the house.

The paranoid side of both Daniel and I quickly decided to do it!

Right away!

So the boys went to grandmas.

Daniel and I got the house ready.

I went to the van.

Daniel turned off the pilot light on the furnace.

Started setting off bombs.

Decided we would do one in our attached garage since there were extra bombs. They come in three packs!

As he came out the back door of the garage I asked.... does the heater in the garage have a separate pilot light too?!?!?

He said, YES!

And ran back in!

Poor guy, came out coughing and doubled over in the front yard!!!!!

He was spitting and gagging and panting!!! Nearly hurled right there in the yard!

Poor guy!

The bombs are flammable! So he felt he had no choice.

Lesson learned.

He is fine now and we had a nice dinner out without the boys!!!

Came home five hours later to a fresh smelling house.

The entry showed evidence of those Japanese beetles trying to get out and meeting their death at the glass door!

Daniel found an earwig twitching as he was dying. *smile* I hate those things!!!!!!! HATE THEM!!!!

Mites, they are too small to find or see (Daniel found one while cleaning the day before and couldn't believe how small and nearly invisible they are. They are white before they suck blood, and red or black after their minute little bellies are full. Nice.) so we can only hope this is the end of our story.

Oh how I hope this is the end. PRAY this is the end.

We prayed about mites on our dinner date! ha ha! PRAYED about them!!! LOL!

I slept soooooooo good last night!

Soooo good.

THE END!!!!!! I hope.

Now time for a run!!! And watch BL that recorded last night during the bombing!!!


Kaye Butler said...

I won't spoil Biggest Looser for you. I had to watch the biggest looser last night and help my 8th grader write her autobiography during the commercials, which was hoo-larious.

Glad you bombed the house. Glad Daniel did not get any sicker or blown up.

janette said...

congrats!!! That is awesome!

Kim said...

Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious! Good for you, 5 pounds!!! I am working hard too, I hope I get results like you. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok that was a good laugh!! Dane was laughing along with me and Tess wanted to know what we were laughing at. I told her , her uncle Dan was silly!!!! She thought that was funny. Tracy

Anne said...

Congratulations on your 5 pounds and the successful bombing of the mites. Ewww... it still makes me creep out a little!

Dianne said...

We had a hamster. Once. A long time ago. My darling nephew gave it to oldest son for his birthday. Once they learn to get out of their cage, nothing you can do will keep them in. Said hamster "disappeared" after I woke up at 5am "telling", yeah right, hubby dear that there was "SOMETHING CRAWLING UP MY LEG!!!!"

TCKK said...

Hope the bombs work for you and congrats on the 5lbs. Awesome!

Lindsay said...

I wish I could live at your house for a while ... just to get in on the FUN! :)

Cheering you on about the 5 lbs.!!

Heth said...

Dang! 5 pounds, that's awesome! So sorry about the mites. That's just creepy and I'm glad you were able to kill them. *shudder*