Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Part 2

Jedd has had a virus this past week. Nothing major, cough, sore throat... not enough to slow him down. But he also was complaining about bug bites. It has turned cold so I figured it was from spiders moving inside.
But they have spread. and spread and spread.
Now Russ has them, and Daniel........
Went online late last night to research what might be going on.
Guess what happens when a rodent dies and turns cold and doesn't get noticed right away?!?!?!
Little MITES unseen by the human eye crawl away and look for a new warm body to feed on!!!!!!!!!
They like people!
Like crazy!
And you aren't supposed to itch them! They get worse! and worse!
So we have to load the boys up on Benadryl so they don't itch.
Will THAT slow down Jedd?

In my house!!!!!

There will be MAJOR CLEANING!!!
And hamster Two will soon disappear.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh Beth! I'm so sorry!!! YUCK!

That seals the deal, my kids are definitely never getting a hamster.

David said...

Hmmmm. Unless you've specifically identified the bites as rodent mites, you might want to check bed bugs also. They were featured on "Monsters Inside Me" and they are on the rise all over the U.S. You can pick them up simply by traveling, as they hitchhike in suitcases and the like. They are as thin as a piece of paper and hide out under baseboards, etc. during the day and only feed at night. They are becoming such a problem that some extermination companies have bed bug specialists that use beagles to sniff out the bed bug hiding places. I only mention them because they are becoming so common.

Stacey said...

UGH!!!! I knew I didn't like rodents!!! Especially the one I found living in my kitchen drawer univited!!!!

So sorry for you...

Jean Bormann said...

Where are the pictures to go with these posts ???? Like a dead rotten hamster,red irritated flesh wounds, microscopic closeup of monster bugs . . . Now that you are a 'Serial Blogger,' there must be a way to make a little money off this calamity. I am even thinking about Hannah create an 'animoto' cartoon of your story.

Kaye Butler said...


TODAY has been a gross day and that topped it off!!!!

I feel so sorry for you. I think the other hamster should disappear LIKE TODAY.

I feel God sending that hamster on a mission trip to Yemen.

Anne said...

Um... please check out the bites and make sure there are not little red lines between the 'bites'... that would indicate SCABIES.

Yuck-yuck-and YUCK!

I'm so sorry for you.

Just think with all your cleaning and disinfecting you probably won't get the swine flu!

Suzann said...

As usual, pet owners talk me out of getting any additional pets all the time! :) THANKS!

Anonymous said...

That is SICK.....funny....but SICK! Shell

Jean Bormann said...

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "Days of Our Hamsters Lives" when Henry discovers he will soon be the father of twins conceived by his dead wife!

Reader discretion advised. Not suitable for mouse-loving audiences.

Any similarity to real life events at the Paulsen house are to be assumed false to protect her innocent family.

Can I say I am LMAO! without offending anyone? Love, your big sister :DDD

Vicky said...

Beth-so sorry to hear about the mites!! My first instinct is--"here kitty, kitty..." ;-)

Stacy B said...

I'm scratching my head! EEWWW~!