Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still obessed.

I hate to admit how many there are.

Some we may never even use.

But I like making them, none the less.

Okay, here are a few of the ones I made this week (FYI-most of the graphics I purchased. They are not completely my original creations.)
I just play with them and come up with stuff like this:

It is actually really hard to create colors and contrasts
that look good on the screen.
Colors change dramatically sometimes.

They can look awesome on the computer,
and look downright gross once they go thru the
Thankfully, Pastor previews ALL of them before hand.

I get tired of using the same stuff.

It is hard to fit the words sometimes.
Sometimes I laugh when I see them on the screen and items are way to big!
They seem small on the computer...
but the big screen at church makes them gigantic!
But I am learning.
Now I look at this last slide - the red one with the cross
and I know that this cross is
probably too big.
Oh well!
I can edit!
I do get permission to use each item.
I just have so much fun with them!
I even brought a hymnal home
to try and make ones to match certain songs we sing.
Ahhhhh.... digital art.
Love it.

Oh, my total so far....


I just crossed over the 500 mark.




Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Good for you Beth! Church's need more willing people with skills and "obsessions" for artistic things!! They look great :)

Anonymous said...

Those are great!!! I'm so glad there are creative souls like you around!! It makes life & work alittle more colorful and fun for people like me!! I've been enjoying the slides you create so much!! It's so fun for me to create presentations each week for Sunday Services! And it's so funny you mentioned matching the hymns and graphics............ I try to do that when I put my stuff together too!!

Thanks for sharing!